Cloning OS with Case Study: Windows NT/XP/7

So the general headline is cloning, so basically backing up you system. Some commercial software that was mentioned when I researched was: Acronis True Image Ghost There are a lot more, see for example here: But as I am a fan of open source software or at least free software I preferred playing with Continue reading →

Find MAC-Adress of connected devices (Windows)

Using windows (at least Vista) you can figure out the MAC-Adresses of all connected devices by typing arp -a in the command line (Run -> "cmd").

Windows Mobile 5: Internetconnection

Just a few notes about Windows Mobile 5 and the internet connection (naming might not be correct due to rough translation from German). In "settings->connections->connections->advanced->choose Networks" in both dropdown menus choose "Compandy Network", edit them and check if in "Proxy Settings" the first option is activated (something about that an internet connection will be established). Continue reading →

Vista quit beeping!

My problem was this annoying system beep. I hope this solved it. Still need to reboot. Open registry and browse to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Control Panel\ Sound Set the Value "beep" to "no". Update: Rebooted. It works. Update: Something like this should work, too. Descriptions given may alter due to rough translation from German. goto DeviceManager set Continue reading →

Windows Sysinternals

Id din't know page like this existed: For example for Vista one can download the process monitor, which shows wich programm maintains and accesses which registry keys. Pretty usefull I think.

Install Ubuntu without GRUB using Vista Bootmanager

I am aware that this article is a mess! It's been created in a hurry. Maybe with time I'll be able to format it correctly and order things a litlle. This is the big Tutorial for it: Link to the original tutorial. Problem to solve: Install GRUB to Ubuntu partition: Start Ubuntu Live CD, setup Continue reading →