Fix Master Boot Record (Win 7)

See this little page: It links to a German web page, sorry.

Cloning OS with Case Study: Windows NT/XP/7

So the general headline is cloning, so basically backing up you system. Some commercial software that was mentioned when I researched was: Acronis True Image Ghost There are a lot more, see for example here: But as I am a fan of open source software or at least free software I preferred playing with Continue reading →

Relocate Chrome Profile Folder (Win7)

There are many tutorials like the following out there describing how to relocate the Chrome profile folder using theĀ --user-data-dir="<Userdir>" command line parameter of "chrome.exe" and a appropriate shortcut: Yet if you are using Windows 7 this method will screw up the nice little Taskbar-Menu Chrome provides. All those options will open a profile at Continue reading →