Vista: allow pinging

Vista is blocking pings. Nice to know? Well I always wondered why and I found out by (who would have gussed?) googling. Anyways, here is how to quit blocking incoming pings: Control Panel-> Administraive Tools-> Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Select "Inbound Rules" Search for "File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request - ICMPv4-In)" Right click Continue reading →

Networkfolder without password

To make a folder visible in network without everybody having to enter username an password is kind of not straight forward on Vista. So here you go: Rightclick on your folder and choose "Properties" In tab "Security" "Edit" "Groups and Usernames" "Add" something like "guests" and add all the privileges you want it to have Continue reading →

Symbolic links and Vista

Using Vista you can create symblic links utilizing the ntfs commandline tool mklink.

Vista quit beeping!

My problem was this annoying system beep. I hope this solved it. Still need to reboot. Open registry and browse to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Control Panel\ Sound Set the Value "beep" to "no". Update: Rebooted. It works. Update: Something like this should work, too. Descriptions given may alter due to rough translation from German. goto DeviceManager set Continue reading →

Windows Sysinternals

Id din't know page like this existed: For example for Vista one can download the process monitor, which shows wich programm maintains and accesses which registry keys. Pretty usefull I think.

Install Ubuntu without GRUB using Vista Bootmanager

I am aware that this article is a mess! It's been created in a hurry. Maybe with time I'll be able to format it correctly and order things a litlle. This is the big Tutorial for it: Link to the original tutorial. Problem to solve: Install GRUB to Ubuntu partition: Start Ubuntu Live CD, setup Continue reading →