Incremental Backups on Ubuntu using Duplicity with Samba

Based on Ubuntu 12.04, Samba client [1] and Duplicity [2]. Mount samba (see [1]) install cifs-utils sudo apt-get install cifs-utilssudo apt-get install cifs-utils create file /home/your_username/Documents/.backup-samba-credentials with content username=your_samba_username password=***username=your_samba_username password=*** create mount directory mkdir /home/your_username/backupmkdir /home/your_username/backup edit /etc/fstab # samba - backup - kali //samba_server_ip/your_samba_username /home/your_username/backup cifs credentials=/home/your_username/Documents/.backup-samba-credentials,uid=1000,gid=1000,noauto,users 0 0# samba - backup - Continue reading →

Ubuntu Printer Management : CUPS

I was trying to get a HP LaserJet 4250 to work on my Ubuntu machine (12.4.1 LTS). It turned out that printing two pages on one sheet in addition to duplex printing would always result in four pages on one sheet with no content on the back. I have no idea why. I was able Continue reading →

Grub2 without Linux

I wanted to create a system where I can plug in operating systems as I like. Meaning switching from a Win/Linux dual boot to Win/Win etc. I thought Grub or Grub2 would be a good way to do so. ┬áIt turned out to be a little tricky for reasons I do not fully comprehend yet. Continue reading →

Automount devices in Ubuntu

Here are some links to look through:

Open terminal ... using context menu in Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal nautilus -qsudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal nautilus -q Afterwards your desktop will be empty. But that should be gone when you restarted I hope.

AverMedia E506 and Ubuntu 8.04

As linux noobs, it took its time yet: We finally got it working, after studying a whole lot of different tutorials and threads like: for general things: how to get the firmware: and how to get the *.pl: So this is what you do: 1. Delete Ubuntu's saa7134 driver: sudo rm /lib/modules/2.6.24-18-generic/ubuntu/media/saa7134/*sudo Continue reading →

Install Ubuntu without GRUB using Vista Bootmanager

I am aware that this article is a mess! It's been created in a hurry. Maybe with time I'll be able to format it correctly and order things a litlle. This is the big Tutorial for it: Link to the original tutorial. Problem to solve: Install GRUB to Ubuntu partition: Start Ubuntu Live CD, setup Continue reading →