Incremental Backups on Ubuntu using Duplicity with Samba

Based on Ubuntu 12.04, Samba client [1] and Duplicity [2]. Mount samba (see [1]) install cifs-utils sudo apt-get install cifs-utilssudo apt-get install cifs-utils create file /home/your_username/Documents/.backup-samba-credentials with content username=your_samba_username password=***username=your_samba_username password=*** create mount directory mkdir /home/your_username/backupmkdir /home/your_username/backup edit /etc/fstab # samba - backup - kali //samba_server_ip/your_samba_username /home/your_username/backup cifs credentials=/home/your_username/Documents/.backup-samba-credentials,uid=1000,gid=1000,noauto,users 0 0# samba - backup - Continue reading →

Ubuntu 12.04: ACPI

I own a Lenovo X220 and am Ubutnu 12.04 at the moment with a the i3 window manager. When switching to i3, several things did not work anymore including suspending when closing the lid. I tried to make that work again and found that the acpid daemon was installed on Ubuntu which allows to listen Continue reading →

Grub2 without Linux

I wanted to create a system where I can plug in operating systems as I like. Meaning switching from a Win/Linux dual boot to Win/Win etc. I thought Grub or Grub2 would be a good way to do so. ┬áIt turned out to be a little tricky for reasons I do not fully comprehend yet. Continue reading →

Open terminal ... using context menu in Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal nautilus -qsudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal nautilus -q Afterwards your desktop will be empty. But that should be gone when you restarted I hope.

AverMedia E506 and Ubuntu 8.04

As linux noobs, it took its time yet: We finally got it working, after studying a whole lot of different tutorials and threads like: for general things: how to get the firmware: and how to get the *.pl: So this is what you do: 1. Delete Ubuntu's saa7134 driver: sudo rm /lib/modules/2.6.24-18-generic/ubuntu/media/saa7134/*sudo Continue reading →

Check linux kernel version

I am a linux noob, so here I go: Sometimes you want to know the particulars about the kernel of your linux. This can be done using uname command. To check kernel version: uname -vuname -v To check kernel release: uname -runame -r To check kernel name: uname -suname -s (source)

Install java on ubuntu / switch verisons

I am a linux noob. So what? Here is what I found searching the net how to switch java versions on Ubuntu: It is so easy to install Java on Ubuntu now. On Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn), follow these steps: 1) Make sure you have the right repositories on your sources.list file. Edit your sources.list Continue reading →

Install Ubuntu without GRUB using Vista Bootmanager

I am aware that this article is a mess! It's been created in a hurry. Maybe with time I'll be able to format it correctly and order things a litlle. This is the big Tutorial for it: Link to the original tutorial. Problem to solve: Install GRUB to Ubuntu partition: Start Ubuntu Live CD, setup Continue reading →