Tomcat & Eclipse: change time zone

I was trying to change timezone of my Tomcat instance started from Eclipse. This turned out to be quite easy. Just go to Run > Run Configurations... and choose Apache Tomcat > Your Tomcat Server and change to tab Arguments. In the VM Arguments section add for example -Duser.timezone=America/Montreal-Duser.timezone=America/Montreal Source:

Eclipse - WTP - Dynamic Web Project - Deployment Assemly

When using Eclipse WTP to develop dynamic web projects, it is often necessary to deploy resources to the WebContent folder. Keeping resources in the WebContent folder is ugly and manually copying them is tedious. The propject property "Deployment Assembly" allows to specify which folders are deployed to the WebContent folder upon calling "Run As > Continue reading →

Eclipse Editor Block Mode

There is a block or column mode in Eclipse toggled by Alt+Shift+a. So nice to know! see:

Eclipse language packs

When using the eclipse babel project. And you want to switch back and forth between several languages you can use the switch when startinf eclipse -nl Make sure you use the -clean command when starting eclipse to make the changes visible. Example: exlipse.exe -nl en -clean

Using the Eclipse Common Navigator Framework in RCP

Using the Eclipse Common Navigator Framework (CNF) in an RCP-Application is kind of tricky as there is a bug preventing the straight forward usage. I collected some links pointing to information about this bug and appropriate solutions: the bug (closed, to be "fixed" in 3.5?): solution with example official eclipse help, taking Continue reading →

eclipse ant auto build

Here is a little note about eclipse using ant as an auto build process:

eclipse svn+ssh ppk and pageant

Here are some links describing how to set up eclipse using a svn+ssh connection with a ppk file: You can combine those two methods and use the '-2 -i "path"' options in your SVN_SSH system variable. Or use Pageant to load the ppk files.

Classpath entry will not be exported or published

Classpath entry will not be exported or published. Runtime ClassNotFoundExceptions may result. This is an error I get when I use Eclipse 3.3.2 with WTP 2.0.6. I added a few libraries to my BuildPath. I found somebody having the same issues: Hi, I have an Eclipse project that I have converted over to be a Continue reading →