Fix Master Boot Record (Win 7)

See this little page: It links to a German web page, sorry.

Grub2 without Linux

I wanted to create a system where I can plug in operating systems as I like. Meaning switching from a Win/Linux dual boot to Win/Win etc. I thought Grub or Grub2 would be a good way to do so. ┬áIt turned out to be a little tricky for reasons I do not fully comprehend yet. Continue reading →

Automount devices in Ubuntu

Here are some links to look through:

Install Ubuntu without GRUB using Vista Bootmanager

I am aware that this article is a mess! It's been created in a hurry. Maybe with time I'll be able to format it correctly and order things a litlle. This is the big Tutorial for it: Link to the original tutorial. Problem to solve: Install GRUB to Ubuntu partition: Start Ubuntu Live CD, setup Continue reading →