Disable CheckDisk

I have been working with an SSD hard drive. All the sudden Windows reported some problems resulting in a CheckDisk run. This process scrambled and moved a lot of file without any file extensions to found.xxx folders. So just in case I was looking for a way to disable automatic executions of CheckDisk and found Continue reading →

Fix Master Boot Record (Win 7)

See this little page: http://www.wintotal.de/tipparchiv/?id=1695 It links to a German web page, sorry.

Cloning OS with Case Study: Windows NT/XP/7

So the general headline is cloning, so basically backing up you system. Some commercial software that was mentioned when I researched was: Acronis True Image Ghost There are a lot more, see for example here: http://ghost.radified.com/ghost_alternatives.htm But as I am a fan of open source software or at least free software I preferred playing with Continue reading →

Grub2 without Linux

I wanted to create a system where I can plug in operating systems as I like. Meaning switching from a Win/Linux dual boot to Win/Win etc. I thought Grub or Grub2 would be a good way to do so.  It turned out to be a little tricky for reasons I do not fully comprehend yet. Continue reading →

Titan Quest: Journey to a Multiplayer Game

Problem One It is a little tricky to make Titan Quest behave the way you want it to. My friend and me tried to play a multiplayer using LAN. We had the problem that his hosted games were not visible to me and he could not connect to the ones I hosted. Both of us Continue reading →

University of Würzburg and Shew VPN

Cisco does not provide any Client-Software for Vista64. So this is what can be done: Download and install the free VPN-Software: Shew Soft VPNClient Create a *.vpn file with these contents (source: http://www.shrew.net/static/howto/CiscoPix/ciscopix.vpn): n:version:2 n:network-ike-port:500 n:network-mtu-size:1380 n:client-addr-auto:1 n:network-natt-port:4500 n:network-natt-rate:15 n:network-frag-size:540 n:network-dpd-enable:1 n:client-banner-enable:1 n:network-notify-enable:1 n:client-wins-used:0 n:client-wins-auto:1 n:client-dns-used:1 n:client-dns-auto:1 n:client-splitdns-used:1 n:client-splitdns-auto:1 n:phase1-dhgroup:2 n:phase1-life-secs:86400 n:phase1-life-kbytes:0 n:phase2-life-secs:3600 n:phase2-life-kbytes:0 n:policy-list-auto:1 Continue reading →

Find MAC-Adress of connected devices (Windows)

Using windows (at least Vista) you can figure out the MAC-Adresses of all connected devices by typing arp -a in the command line (Run -> "cmd").

Windows 2000, WG311T Atheros, WPA

Old OS, old wLan card and WPA. Bad combination. I tried Netgears own drivers and didn't suceed ... always some kind of issues coming up. After some researching I found this site: http://www.phoenixnetworks.net/atheros.php and this is the driver one needs to use: http://www.phoenixnetworks.net/atheros/Atheros5_0_0_107.zip

Vista: allow pinging

Vista is blocking pings. Nice to know? Well I always wondered why and I found out by (who would have gussed?) googling. Anyways, here is how to quit blocking incoming pings: Control Panel-> Administraive Tools-> Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Select "Inbound Rules" Search for "File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request - ICMPv4-In)" Right click Continue reading →

Firefox does not show pdf when not installed

When reinstalling Windows I had the problem that my Firefox, even after reinstalling Adobe Reader, was not showing my Pdfs (I guess that figures, when you think about Adobe not knowing your Firefox directory). So what helped was to copy the browser plugin files from the Adobe Reader directory to the Firefox Plugins dir. Tadaaa. Continue reading →