tn5250j: a 5250 terminal emulator for the AS/400

For archiving purposes: The tn5250j is a 5250 terminal emulator for the AS/400 written in Java.

AS400 Printing Din4 Format

So, here are the settings I am using right now for printing stuff in ignorance of a better solution using a printer emulation (sorry this is German as I do not have an English Client Access version): Datei->Druckerkonfiguration: PDT: nein Datei->Seite einrichten->Ausrichtung: Oberer Rand: 0 (wird auf 1,27 gesetzt sobald man den Dialog neu aufruft; Continue reading →

AS400 Codepages

OK, as I am from Germany I had trouble finding the right code page when using the iSeries Client Access printer emulation. It turned out that 1252 was the right one. Also the code page for the 5250 emulation would we 273.

AS400: Exploring filesystem with Vista

Right now I am trying get exploring file mappings with vistas windows explorer. This is what I found:

AS400: Automatic Virtual Terminal Creation

When trying to use iSeries Access 5250 Emulation and automatically creating workstation ids is what you want, then the appropriate system value QAUTOVRT has to be set to a value greater than 0. See for reference. Corresponding commands: WRKSYSVAL WRKCFGSTS *dev CRTDEVDSP

As400: Find out OS version

'GO LICPGM' Choose option 10? (Display installed License programs) Look for "Operating System/400"-Entry (Hit F11 for version)

AS400 - Setting up a HTTP-Server

Here are some links solving all my problems, when I wanted to do the basic setup of a HTTP-Server on my AS400 System: Setup of HTTP-Server Quick config: 1) Start the Admin HTTP Server:¬†STRTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(*ADMIN) 2) Access web configuration to create and start server instances: http://as400.ip:2001 When using a router, one has to direct Continue reading →

AS400 - CWBCO1003/10054 error

The P/C task CWBLMSRV (License mgmt server) remains running on remote P/C's after disconnection with the AS/400 (2210 router, V4R4, C/A Express). This task times out after 10 minutes or so, however, if the user attempts to re-connect and start a session during that time error message CWBCO1003/10054 (TCP error) is displayed and no session Continue reading →