Try a little multitasking

Titan Quest: Journey to a Multiplayer Game

Problem One It is a little tricky to make Titan Quest behave the way you want it to. My friend and me tried to play a multiplayer using LAN. We had the problem that his hosted games were not visible to me and he could not connect to the ones I hosted. Both of us Continue reading →

C++: Note about pointers

I am still learning ... so don't mind me stating the obvious: int* a[3]; // defines an array a // (of integer pointers of the size 3)   int* (*x) [3]; // defines a pointer x of the size 3 // (to an array of integer pointers)   int* (*y) [4]; // defines a pointer Continue reading →

Warcraft 3 - LAN-Game not found.

When others don't find you game. You might wanna try to deactivate the DCHP-Service. DNS-Service might be a cause, too. Check post below.

Java Gaming Tutorials

As I feel like programming a game, I may share some interesting tutorials with my future self ;-P. Java Gaming: The Ball, but OOP Introduction with Battleship Looking pretty professional: Part 1: Part 2: Demo: