Titan Quest: Journey to a Multiplayer Game

Problem One

It is a little tricky to make Titan Quest behave the way you want it to. My friend and me tried to play a multiplayer using LAN. We had the problem that his hosted games were not visible to me and he could not connect to the ones I hosted. Both of us use Vista ... yeah, yeah don't whistle.

What helped was to deactivate each and every network connection not envolved in playing Titan Quest.

Rather crude. But there is a more elegant way to achieve the same effect. Reading how to change the order of network bindings gave me the clue: http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/en-US/help/89554521-7ce7-4d70-aa29-88b8316d50761033.mspx

To sum it up, here is what you do:

  • "Start->Settings->Control Panel->Network and Sharing Center->Manage network connections"
  • Press the "ALT"-key
  • A menu bar pops up where you have to choose "Advanced->Advanced Settings..."
  • The tab "Adapter and Bindings" shows a panel "Connections:" where all your network connections are listed
  • Move the one you play Titan Quest with to the top

That should do the trick. At least it did for us. We did some major testing, enabling and disabling network discovery and file sharing, did some pinging and tried about every other hint from the net. Our particular problem was solved using the method above. When there are other problems or other solutions please let me know.

Problem Two:

Another problem bugging was the INVALID_SOCKET exception, when trying to update the server list. That was simply solved by starting the game in administrator mode ("right click->Run as administrator").

Maybe I am just missing something, but the last time we tried. The sorting mentioned above does not work. Only deactivating all the other network connections worked in order to play Titan Quest over LAN.

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