XDA Neo: no sound after using headphone

I got a XDA Neo. It had nothing better to than to quit on me after using my headphones. Well it was satisfied with just not letting me or the ones I called hear each other. So I googled (who would have thought) and found the following thread:


It turned out that using a needle was the only way to go for me. It took some time to find the right place to pull:

  • Look at the Neo from the front
  • Turn its underpart up until you see the butt of our lovely phone
  • Turn it 90 degrees counterclockwise
  • Take a needle
  • There's a little metal knob which one should see in the phone jack's upper part
  • Underneath covered by the knob there is a hole in the metal piece which is part of the very same knob
  • Try to put your needle into the hole and pull gently (I was rather brutal, after the second try, works too)

That should do the trick.

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