Networkfolder without password

To make a folder visible in network without everybody having to enter username an password is kind of not straight forward on Vista. So here you go:

  • Rightclick on your folder and choose "Properties"
  • In tab "Security" "Edit" "Groups and Usernames"
  • "Add" something like "guests" and add all the privileges you want it to have
  • Then go to the "Release?(Freigabe)" tab and choose "Advanced Release?(Freigabe)"
  • Fill in everything that's obviously needed
  • In "Privileges?(Berechtigungen)" allow "Everone(Jeder)" to have the access you want them to have. You could choose "guests" here as well to be more accurate.

That should be it. I heard that "Passwordprotected Release?(Freigabe)" has to be turned of. Didn't notice that yet though ^^

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