AverMedia E506 and Ubuntu 8.04

As linux noobs, it took its time yet:
We finally got it working, after studying a whole lot of different tutorials and threads like:
for general things:
how to get the firmware:
and how to get the *.pl:

So this is what you do:
1. Delete Ubuntu's saa7134 driver:

sudo rm /lib/modules/2.6.24-18-generic/ubuntu/media/saa7134/*

2. Extract 04ddbe145932.tar.bz2 to

3. Put attachment-0001.diff to (*.diff must not be in v4l-dvb-04ddbe145932)

4. Apply patch for Avermedia e506 and a16d:

patch -d v4l-dvb -p1 < attachment-0001.diff

5. Switch to /v4l-dvb-04ddbe145932 and type:

make install

6. Reboot without tv-card plugged in and try


after plugging it in and see what happens.

7. Now we need the firmware ("xc3028-v27.fw not found" shown when typing dmesg).

8. Copy "hcw85bda.sys" and "extract_xc3028.pl" to and type


9. Copy /xc3028-v27.fw to /lib/firmware

10. reboot

Afterwards your tuner should work. We used Me-TV.
We had to reboot again due to screen freeze ...
after disabling desktop effects we didn't get that anymore.
Maybe this wasn't the reason, but it's too late and I am to lazy to research this matter now.

You can get the necessary files from the attachment of this post or go through the links
above and collect them yourself.

Have fun.


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2 Responses to “AverMedia E506 and Ubuntu 8.04”

  1. Martin Becker says:

    Sry, as mentioned above I am really, really new to linux myself, so I guess I'm much more helpless than you are. As this was done on my friends computer, I can't do try and error here. All I can suggest is to search the posts mentioned above and ask around in the corresponing forums. Sorry again.

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  2. Dag says:

    Hi, I have used this to get my A16D working. Thankks many, it works great. But I miss the sound. Using standard sox redirection does not work. Dmesg shows that saa7134 alsa driver is not loaded, arecord does not see 7134 as multimedia adapter. Trying to modporobe saa7134-alsa says that such module does not exist. I reinstalled alsa completely, nothing has changed. Please do You suggest me what to do? Thank You in advance, Dag.

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