AS400 - Setting up a HTTP-Server

Here are some links solving all my problems, when I wanted to do the basic setup of a HTTP-Server on my AS400 System:

Setup of HTTP-Server

Quick config:


2) Access web configuration to create and start server instances: http://as400.ip:2001

When using a router, one has to direct port 80 to your as400 and configure it as a gateway on the as400:

Setup Gateway

Quick config:

1) 6. Datenfernverarbeitung ->5. Netzwerkverwaltung -> 10. TCP/IP-Verwaltung -> 1. TCP/IP konfigurieren

2) Set up of TCP/IP connection: 1. Mit TCP/IP-Schnittstellen arbeiten

3) Set up of standard gateway: 2. Mit TCP/IP-Leitwegen arbeiten (*DFTROUTE is the entry for standard gateway)

When creating up a gateway/route, remember setting up hops and priority. Hops will tell the system how many hops it has to do. For instance two, if there is a router to hop trough. Priority tells the system which gateway/route is to be tried first. 10 means high priority, 1 low.

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